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If you can sympathize with these frustrations, here are some tools that will cure those headaches.Sometimes you just need to start over from scratch.Even though Chrome for Android does not support this feature at the moment, there are other apps in the Google Play Store that do.Personally, I use UC Browser to download any kind of audio file.Yes indeed - this implies the songs get imported and you will have to manage / delete these songs.That is a big down side of using the tools provided and a nice benefit of the tools intended to just edit the tags in place.

i Tunes will launch and do the writing once finder hands off the file(s) and the variable name storing the artist string to i Tunes.You'll need a tool that can read/write those files and luckily for you there are thousands.Finder doesn't have the smarts to change this - but finder does have a services menu that will allow you to craft a custom automator service that would help automate the process.Whatever the reason, sometimes you just need a tag remover. Open the program, drag and drop whichever files or folders from which you want to delete ID3 tags, and click “Remove.” Done. meant to aid you in managing the metadata for songs in your library.This is correct (I'll vouch for the last 1% chance) - the mp3 file format embeds the artist information and although finder uses quicklook to show you that information - it's as unwilling to edit inside an mp3 as it is to edit inside an excel spreadsheet.This is a must have software for any mp3 or mp4 player owner.


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