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“Honey,” he said, “I was just in there, and I didn’t see him.”He is, by some measures, the most popular country-music singer of all time and, by any measure, the most consistent.Since 1981, when he made his début, he has placed eighty-six singles on Top 10 country chart, and more than half of them have gone to No. Everywhere that there is a country radio station, there are generations of listeners who regard Strait’s music as part of the landscape; they are intimately connected to these songs, even if they can’t quite say that they are intimately connected to the man who sings them.

An estimated 60 suspects in the county will be targeted in the investigation.

He isn’t so much a great character as a great narrator, telling a variety of stories instead of returning endlessly to his own.

“I don’t think there’s anything autobiographical about my material, unless it’s subconsciously,” Strait once said.

One time, in Key West, where he records, he was sitting outside the studio, naked from the neck up, when a woman accosted him.

She said, “My husband says that George Strait is in there, cutting a record, and I told him that can’t be true. ”Strait’s response was not, strictly speaking, a lie.


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