Is pink dating her guitarist

"Family Portrait" is a song by Pink for her second album Missundaztood (2001). It is written in common time and moves at a moderate 88 beats per minute.

Co-written by Pink and Scott Storch and produced by Storch, the song is about relationships and her family that was about to fall to pieces, portraying the conflict through the eyes of her as a child. The song is divided into four-measure phrases with an i-iv-III-ii-V chord progression.

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Will is walking along the street, when he sees a young woman with a guitar.

She was born to nurse Judy and insurance salesman Jim Moore, a Vietnam veteran.

When she was just a toddler, her parents began having marital problems, and before she was 10 her parents had divorced. In high school, Pink joined her first band, Middleground, but it disbanded upon losing a battle of the bands competition.

The haunting, yet urgently importuning nature of the music matches and magnifies the meaning.

The intensity of every earnest guitar strum and run echoes the sense of longing for familial harmony expressed in the chorus.


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