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I remember going to the store and seeing her face on an album. She read more than your average high-school student," says Cooper, now a poet living in Vermont. I had a Mercury Capri with an eight-track tape player.

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Having written books about Dusty Springfield, Annie Lennox, and a history of women in popular music, I was keen to get to the heart of one of our greatest living pop icons.

There were the airport officials waiting to whisk her through the VIP lounge usually reserved for Government officials and the convoy of SUVs on hand to whizz her through the streets of the city to the exclusive country lodge she uses as her base on visits to the tiny nation.

There, too, was the warm, meticulously-planned welcome awaiting her at the £100-a-night per person resort where, as usual, every one of the 16 luxury thatched suites had been set aside for her, to guarantee absolute privacy.

But I discovered that my father was not particularly fond of me for some reason, he doesn't approve of my friends.

Defending the family against Anthony’s allegations, Kathy said: 'They have helped him so many times.


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