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His country once had the fourth largest film industry in the world; and it has been an important tool in securing Egypt's cultural dominance in the Arabic-speaking world since the 1920s.When I was a pupil at Victoria College in Alexandria (sometimes known as the "Eton of the Mediterranean") in the years after the Second World War, we were reminded by the British staff there that we were expected to succeed.We have, can and will continue to do better.​​” The public apology stands in contrast to Ridley Scott’s response over a similar controversy prompted by the casting for his Egypt-set epic, “Exodus: Gods and Kings,” which was banned in Egypt for its “historical inaccuracies” last year.Scott defended his decision to cast white actors Christian Bale and Joel Edgerton in the lead roles of Moses and Ramses as a matter of practicality. Lionsgate and Proyas’ statements were first reported by Forbes.“The process of casting a movie has many complicated variables, but it is clear that our casting choices should have been more diverse.

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OSIRIS-REx will explore this carbonaceous wanderer, but it will also bring a portion of it back home. by Robert Lamb | Mar 17, 2016 In this episode of Stuff to Blow Your Mind, enter a kingdom within a kingdom: the remarkable honey-and-wax monarchy within a beehive and the organizational complexity of ancient Egypt.

Join Robert and Christian as they discuss the mission and chat with space scientists Dr. Join Robert and Joe as they discuss the importance of apiculture in ancient Egypt and chat with "The Tears of Re" author entomologist Gene Kritsky.

by Robert Lamb | Oct 6, 2015 Ancient Egyptian mummification is not unlike sci-fi space travel in many respects.

The leading minds of the day preserved a chosen human within a costly vessel, and then they sent that vessel on a journey across time and space to another world -- a dangerous and uncertain world inhabited by monsters and alien entities.


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