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Users can go from one conversation to another, seeing other users on their Android terminal.

There are no general elections; however, citizens may express their concerns directly to their leaders through traditional consultative mechanisms, such as the open majlis, or council.

Je suis Seychelloise mais je parle aussi du tres bon anglais. please feel free to contact me for language exchange or friends :) I love the Japanese language and I want to learn it so I can go to Japan and draw my own Manga for a while.

Welcome to contact me if you would to make some friends and chill, CHEERS !

Verse 1: We don’t like tennis shoes, we wear sandals And yeah, we have sex with goats and ride camels I live in a desert in Abu Dhabi So I squat behind a cactus when I have to potty Roll your tongue on the R’s Whoops, dropped a bomb, Allahu Ahkbar I play the flute and snakes come out of jars I caught a flight, plane didn’t get far And you might not believe it, man But during the winter, I ski in sand And the TSA was like “Man, how did you get out of Iraq…”--- I ran.

Verse 2: I’m a billionaire, check my Equifax Always wearing turbins and bedsheet hats An Arabian day in the life See I have 10 leashes, one for each wife And I have 10 bombs, one for each flight That I put my wives on if they speak without permission Then “Mommy, look!


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