Intraocular lens accommodating

It is the most posterior part of the vascular coat (sheet) of the eye and is located between the sclera and the retina.It is difficult to estimate the thickness of the choroid because of the numerous vessels.Usually, this is a large hemisphere shell into which the patient's head is placed.

Below is a list of common eye-related medical terminology and definitions to help you in understanding all aspects of your eye care and eye surgery.

Eye color is controlled by the amount of pigment deposited in the layers of the iris.

Een intraoculaire lens (IOL), ook wel implantaatlens of kunstlens genoemd, is een in het menselijk oog geïmplanteerde kunstlens, die gewoonlijk de oorspronkelijke lens vervangt omdat deze troebel is geworden ten gevolge van een cataract, of die deze lens aanvult om sterke lensafwijkingen te corrigeren.

For example, research has shown that glaucoma patients who take a brisk, 40-minute walk five days a week for three months can reduce the pressure in their eyes by approximately 2.5 millimeters - similar to the reduction seen when using beta-blockers. Physical Activity (2009) & Glaucoma, National Runners' Health Study 14.

Note: Narrow angle glaucoma, characterized by sudden red eye(s) with visual halos and headache, sometimes nausea, is an ocular emergency.


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