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Umso erfreuter ist sie, als sie eine charmante Kontaktmail von "Jefferson P." erhält, einem attraktiven südeuropäischen Geschäftsmann, der auf der ganzen Welt Projekte betreut. verloren…Experten gehen davon aus, dass jährlich einige Hundert Frauen aus Deutschland auf diese Art von Betrug hereinfallen und tatsächlich Geld nach Afrika überweisen.Die beiden schreiben sich ganz platonisch monatelang, bis Jefferson P. Aus Nigeria wurden in den vergangenen Jahren zig Milliarden E-Mails versendet, in denen angebliche vertriebene Könige oder Ministerpräsidenten den Leser in gebrochenem Englisch um einige Tausend Dollar baten, damit Sie zurück an die Macht kommen können.

But when Internet connectivity finally arrived after the turn of the 21st century, many of these optimistic youth struggled to form connections with the foreigners they encountered online.

New research by School of Information professor Jenna Burrell looks under the surface of Internet culture in Ghana, exploring why many of Ghana’s hopes went unrealized and how Ghanaians have responded.

Burrell’s book , based on seven years of ethnographic research in Ghana, is being released this week.

They’ll pan for gold among tens of thousands to find a few pieces of gold. If they’re a different person than on their profile photo, bail! If the person has a Facebook profile with 10 friends, well that’s a dead giveaway as well. For example, we know people don’t use the word ‘wire’ in regular dating communications. Report to the local police and ask to be referred to their cyber crimes unit. The problem is, most of these scams are cross-border and it becomes tough to coordinate jurisdiction.

It used to be easy to just Google phrases – criminals often reused them – but now it is less so. Q: What should I do if I suspect someone IS a scammer? That’s a red flag and is usually picked up by dating sites auto-detection systems. But the scammers know better to use that word on dating sites now. Its exhausting, and most victims just want to put the entire event behind them.


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