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“Even if it’s still a state building, they could move archives there or something,” said Christian Mosburg, president of the Willard Park of Holy Cross neighborhood association.“It could be publicly used.” Residents also hope the former prison’s razor wire-topped chain link fence will soon be removed.They say it harms property values and makes it hard to plan for community development.“We’re so close to downtown, people should be clawing to be here,” said City-County Councilman Zach Adamson, Mosburg’s spouse.Harrowing: Sir Trevor Mc Donald inside Indiana's Rockville Correctional Facility, one of two women's prisons where he has spent two weeks hearing the harrowing stories of inmates that he says will never leave him Trinidad-born Sir Trevor, who was knighted in 1999 for services to journalism, has had stellar career that saw him host ITV's flagship News At Ten for 13 years and win more awards than any other British broadcaster.Concentrating on world politics, he reported from war zones from across the world and interviewed such prominent world figures as former president Bill Clinton, freedom fighter Nelson Mandela and Iraqi tyrant Saddam Hussein.

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You can’t sleep in the same bed, take trips together, or talk about anything you don’t want a prisoner guard to overhear. Clearly nobody in their right mind would pursue this sort of relationship, right? For whatever reason, thousands of women go after romantic relationships with inmates they’ve never even met, and didn't know on the outside.They know where their man is at all times, and that he won’t cheat because he doesn’t have access to any other women.When a women gets involved with a man who is in prison, she has the upperhand 100% of the time.They began to unravel a long-standing mystery: Why didn’t the prison incarcerate any prostitutes in its early years?They presented their findings at academic conferences and published papers in journals. — Indiana correction officials don’t have plans yet for a prison that closed this summer, but residents near the Indianapolis site say it shouldn’t sit empty and they hope its foreboding fencing is removed soon.


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