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This is also of course the meaning of having to learn lessons in this life .

it comes naturally to some, but some of us have to struggle a lot. In bhava chart, gaja kesari yog in kendra, Saturn-Venus direct aspects in kendra, and a Nipuna yog in 11th house. Marriage got disturbed by Shani (enemy of lagna lord mars) sitting in 4H, aspects 10H and lagna.

"Can't believe it's happening..." Chen wrote Wednesday on Instagram.

"I'm so thankful for everything that has happened in my life so far, every person I've met during these past four years, my family ...

and my friends who are always by my side no matter what." "Extremely happy to let you know I'll be walking in the 2017 Victoria's Secret Fashion Show!!

Thankyou so much for this incredible opportunity," Lee added on her own account.

Leahy is not your average party planner and she doesn't "do" average events.

From Dita Von Teese's wedding to Marilyn Manson in a Gothic castle in Ireland to music producer Mark Ronson's birthday party and an intimate dinner for the Olsen sisters in London, over the past few years she has lent her unique brand of opulence and artisan je ne sais quoi to some of the hippest and most stellar parties.

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Ideally it means that business thru partnership (spouse or other peopls) would have been really beneficial for you. Sometimes this is what happens - chart says one thing, but native is doing another.

Its the SINGLE most reason why the promised yogas are not working - weakness of lagna and its lord. This chart is yet another example of Jupiter not delivering as promised - Guru is Dhanesh and panchmesh, its MD is running since 2009 (as per standard ayanamsa) but what is the use if its not helpful to you? Since 2009, with start of Jupiter dasa, I am struggling financially and job.

Money I borrowed on credit card in 2009, I am still not able to pay back. Do you think , I will find job this month or I will be better off in my birth country India.

Venus, lord of 7th house, joins your lagna lord Mars in 9th house of Bhagya.

I am unmarried, no job, no money but well educated. Scorpio (Vrischika) lagna, Aries (Mesha) rashi with moon in 6th house rashi, moving to 7th in Bhava.


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