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and in January 2017 the app launched a feature entitled "Work" that allowed members to collaborate on work related projects.

The app asks members to apply and log in with their Instagram account causing many members to conjecture if admittance is determined by the applicant's Instagram influence and how many active Raya members follow them.

The word ODer is also filtered on ROBLOX, which limits how players can call out people who online date.

In 2014, the website launched the Urban Social dating blog and in 2015 the website launched in Australia, Ireland, and the USA.

People who online date are known as online daters (commonly abbreviated as ODers).

Online dating is strongly discouraged by various Internet communities, including ROBLOX.

Players often stereotype online daters as avatars whose characters dress as realistically as possible; many assets on ROBLOX, including packages and hats, are stereotyped as "ODer items", and players who wear these items are often prematurely identified as online daters. It is unwanted by many ROBLOXians and encouraged by very few people.

Aside from not fitting with the kid-friendly nature of ROBLOX, there is also a risk associated with online relationships; online dating is often seen as a predatory act and, in extreme and rare cases, can result in outside interventions.


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