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'” How do you use music to help mend a broken heart? Create: Even if you’re not a musician, try parking yourself in front of a piano and fiddling around with the keys.Cupid’s Advice: Crying, chocolate and puppies have been known to ease the pain of a broken heart but, perhaps, nothing has been proven to work quite as well as music. Let music speak to you: Yeah, it sounds cheesy, but sometimes the lyrics to a song can feel as though they were written just for you. Even if it’s just a simple melody, being constructive and creative can be a great way to put the pieces of a broken heart back together. Vent: Turn off the soppy breakup songs and turn on some metal!By Petra Halbur For Gavin De Graw, it seems, suffering can be inspirational.The 36-year old singer says that his lowest points have led to the composition of some of his most successful songs like “I Don’t Want to Be” and “Not Over You.” Last Thursday, he told at Starwood Preferred Guest’s “Hear The Music, See the World” concert series that,”If [the song] becomes successful, suddenly you’re not quite as angry singing it anymore because you’re like, ‘Wow, I paid my college loans off with that song!An American musician and singer-songwriter, Gavin De Graw is currently single.

A bath is heads and shoulders above a shower, as long as you shower off afterward.

"I was feeling stifled and that I needed some other influence to keep me motivated and kind of crack the whip a little bit -- to expand, really," De Graw tells

"Prior to this album I was always so incredibly apprehensive about being in the room with another writer, and this time I was able to get in a room with a guy or two who I already really respected, and it really motivated me.

He was dating actress Amanda Loncar in 2004 but the couple broke up their relationship for the unknown reason.

He was hospitalised after being assaulted by several people in Manhattan's East Village.


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