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They’d build me little things with their dads’ tools and bring them to school.

Even in third grade, guys would write me notes and give me gifts.

Brooke: It was a lot quieter Playboy: What did your parents do for a living? My dad, who passed away last year, did a little of everything. In 1998 to 2001 she stared in Baywatch and acted as Jessie Owens, a role which made her as famous.From then on, she appeared in a prime-time soap opera on Fox called the North Shore, it contained 21 episodes.Brooke’s engagement to Dallas Cowboys player Phil Costa ended in November 2013.Brooke Hogan's missing dog, Molly, is out wandering the streets looking for her owner ...As Brooke Richards walks toward you int he Playboy Mansion West gym, extends a hand (it’s warm) and offers that down-to-earth smile, she is instantly familiar.


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