Consolidating domains

Seems simple enough but, like all things that are new to me, I wanted to see if people have used it without incident.Thanks I actually couldn't find the info on the Verisign page, but I guess that means it's legit.You can migrate one or more Yammer networks with their own email domains ("subsidiary" networks) to a larger Yammer Enterprise network ("parent" network).The subsidiary networks can be either Yammer Basic or Yammer Enterprise, but the parent network must be enterprise activated.While all of them were successful, the journey wasn’t without some bumps along the road.Sure, the platform is different, and there’s a learning curve, but the appliance is far more efficient, faster and stable than its Windows counterpart. Well there’s two options – build a new one and swing your hosts over, or migrate your existing v Center. While this isn’t going to be a step-by-step guide on how to migrate to the VCSA, I do want to talk about how to make your migration successful.Be sure that it contains your full contact information and that it is correct and up-to-date, to avoid problems in the future.Consolidating your handles only involves two operations, and for security and legal reasons we cannot consolidate your handles for you; these are: The ownership change will be free if Gandi created the handle following an incoming transfer on our former transfer system and if the extension allows it, or if we created it when we went from V1 to V2 of our website.

basically you pay for the number of months (yearly cost divided by number of months equals the amount you'll pay) Originally posted by Frankie G I don't know how new this is but I just heard of it.

This is usually in the form of two sites with a v Center and some number of hosts, each site on their own little island (i.e.; different SSO domains).

After all, this is the easiest way to deploy v Sphere – stand up a Windows VM, do a simple v Center install so all components reside on the same VM and TA-DA, VMWARE!

The v Center Server Appliance is all the rage right now.

No, it’s not a fad, in fact if you want to make sure you can take advantage of all the latest cool features, you should make the jump.


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