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Listen on i Tunes, Sound Cloud or directly at Perez Podcast.com!, we get an inside look at his life raising his two kids and his late sister's two kids as well.according to new court docs obtained by TMZ Sports.Jackson put the proposal on display in new legal papers filed in her nuclear war with her ex-fiancee ... Your not slick."-- "I got nasty videos too that I can put on Instagram and twitter"-- "I took you from rags to riches now you back to rags bitch.

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""I promise I will get you in 3 A list movies this year and I'm willing to go to counseling to make us work and you can get the stuff you want and I'm willing to change but I need you to have a better attitude." How romantic, right?! and included several text messages dating back to April 2013 to show why Mayweather wasn't exactly her knight in shining armor. When she refused, Shantel says Floyd sent her a pic of them together in happier days with the caption, "Just tell me this didn't mean anything." In the legal docs she also claims, "[Floyd] threatened that if I didn't take down the photo of me and Nelly, he would post 'naked photos' of me on social media." BTW, Shantel and Nelly began dating ... The "Country Grammar" hitmaker also puts to bed the trend he started back in 2000 — fashion Band-Aids.The MTV Video Music Awards are a chance for stars to let loose with their fashion.He posted a photo with a caption that read, "Not yet y'all give us alil mo time..... BANI, PERAVIA.-Con la inauguración de su nueva sucursal en la comunidad Baní, Nelly Rent A Car fortalece su liderazgo en el mercado de alquiler de vehículos en la República Dominicana, siendo los únicos con la implementación de sus programas “leasing” y de planes ejecutivos.Nelly's daughter Chanelle, mostly known as Nana, is having difficulty getting over the death of her boyfriend Mario, aka Rio, who was shot and killed in front of her.


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