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And if designer labels and psychological warfare arent enough not to mention pool parties, bar parties, and scenes on a private jet theres also a steady shot of nostalgia: Shannen Doherty, the guy from The Peach Pit, and Jenni Garth are all confirmed to guest-star on the series, and actress Jessica Stroup boasts the character name Silver as in David Silver, the alter-ego of Brian Austin Greene.

yeah i don't like what they're wearing but i think the story itself is much more important maybe the show will be good; in Gossip girl it's all about nice clothes that most could never afford and some boring characters (except Blair) Troop Beverly Hills? Its not like that in real life, and on our show, these characters have real layers that will all peel away very, very slowly.

The CW previews for tonight's episode have teased an explosive confrontation between newly minted guidance counselor Kelly Taylor (Jennie Garth) and her back off-the-wagon mama (Ann Gillespie) over the well-being of Kelly's half-sis Silver (Jessica Stroup).

The dialogue goes something like this: Kelly: I'm not gonna sit by and watch you do to her what you did to me! Me: Stuff like this is exactly what this spin-off needs!!

Lacking Gossip Girl's unrepentant edge or The OC's big heart, the new 90210's only chance for a long life is if it divests itself of all the skinny teens and concentrates on the second childhood of the class of 91.He graduated from Oak Hills high school in 2006, later on going to Northern Kentucky University.Growing up with his parents and brother Scott, Gregory had plenty of high school musical experience including Les Miserables, Honk! His drama teacher Skin Badonsky at Oak Hills previously remarked that he had a great career ahead of him plus a great sense of humor. He will be also featured in a movie called Hard Breakers a comedy centered on two single girls working the dating scene in Los Angeles actually in post production.Lately we have been so busy with things that we kind of took a photography break but as soon as we get back from Paris we will get back on track and hopefully get to photograph Adam Gregory for BELLO mag.Jason Priestley's already copped to wanting to direct an episode and really, how hard would it be for him to step around to the other side of the camera? Tonight's episode is titled "Lucky Strike" and, sure enough, bowling's on the agenda when the wholesome Wilson clan — who uprooted from Kansas to Cali after dad Harry (Rob Estes) accepted the West Beverly principal gig — decides to do Family Night.


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