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Some of these tales are as difficult to believe as your standard 'urban legend' but what makes this series interesting, perhaps, is that these are ' RURAL Legends.' Take a step back to the campfire of yore and hear a ghost story set in a place sans modern conveniences and distractions.

Yes, there are moments when the modern world comes into play, even in these tales, but mostly, I think you will find some good old fashioned, scary fun like your great-grandparents (or better yet, earlier than that) might have enjoyed.

I'm in Ohio and we have great respect for the Amish---especially their cooking, and furniture making--in fact I think we idolize their 'plain' ways a bit--so I don't think we need to be so politically correct that we must pretend not to notice that people in our communities have different traditions, stories or folkways.With Hershey just a short drive away, you're sure to enjoy the excitement of Hersheypark or the relaxing getaway of the Chocolate Spa.Take a daytrip to Philadelphia or head to Gettysburg to tour battlefields, mansions and museums.The Amish people in America are an old religious sect, direct descendants of the Anabaptists of sixteenth-century Europe.Not to be confused with the term anti-Baptist, these Anabaptist Christians challenged the reforms of Martin Luther and others during the Protestant Reformation, rejecting infant baptism in favor of baptism (or re-baptism) as believing adults.Under the Habsburgs, the Netherlands were organised into a single administrative unit, and in the 16th and 17th centuries the Northern Netherlands gained independence from Spain as the Dutch Republic.


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