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So, count on the two of them, and Delphine as well, to be working the science side, looking to understand their history more and to understand how to help Cosima because she is not doing well. And, I’m guessing for you, Ari, it was that final scene in Season 2. So, for me, personally, the fact that I didn’t die – that was pretty big. I can only imagine the texts or emails or calls that you get from your family and friends like, “What the hell? I think when the first body got dropped – Ari: That’s the scariest thing ever.

I chatted with Jordan back at the Canadian Screen Awards, and he said that the theme of this season is “divide and conquer.” Would you guys concur with that? I think that it feeds into another theme of “what is family,” “who is your family,” and “your family whether you like it or not.” So, “divide and conquer,” sure, yeah. Ari: Well, I mean, that would be the obvious choice but I think, for me, was – I was supposed to die in Episode 6 and then I read Episode 6 and I wasn’t dead and I just kept reading the next episodes – Kristian: When’s it going to happen? ” Kevin: Well, that’s one of the best things about the show, that nothing’s forbidden. Kevin: Yeah, when the first body got dropped, I think everyone sort of went, “Oh – “ in Season 1.

Read on, and then tune in for the season premiere tonight. But even for me as an actor, it was amazing to work on and it sent my head for a spin as well because Tatiana was in a totally different zone, a totally different place.

Can any of you say where your characters are at when we start Season 3? At the beginning of the season, the main priority for Scott, of course, is Cosima’s health and dealing with the science of what’s going on. So, you know it’s fun to watch, it was fun to work with, and it was great to read at the first pass as well.

I and another writer sat down a few weeks ago in Chicago for a rollicking, good-spirited six-way chat with Naylon, Miller, Graynor, and director Travis. It’s great for us because we can make a movie during a time when people are really open to it an excited about those types of projects.

Shenanigans and hijinks ensued, of course, since these guys are absolutely hysterical! Kristian: (Lowers voice) “Kill them all.” Just don’t leave your mics on when you’re in the bathroom. Kevin: I think for me it was the Tony story line, is what got most people going, “Help me understand what’s going on here. So, for me that’s the one that people really talk about, my involvement in that.

He was stirred up, packing, on his way to give a lecture for the Cannes Lions International Festival of Creativity in France with the likes of Harvey Weinstein, Anna Wintour and Alejandro González Iñárritu as fellow speakers. The man with one documentary film (so far), two books and an Instagram following of 163,000 followers? Young women adore you and your message as much as women over 50? I’m interested in all ideas that are an “organic” growth. These women know who they are — you have to learn something. She has helped me see my work’s worth, the meaning behind it, and to articulate it. She has told me this wisdom comes with age, so when people say to me “what are you doing next? And what does “disrupt aging” mean to you, Ari Seth Cohen?

He’d just gotten off the phone with his guru/best friend/muse Debra Rapoport. He shared this with me in the first few minutes of our interview. A lot of 20-somethings were dressing in vintage fashions, taking inspiration from the generations of women before them — but nobody was celebrating these women. I’m exploring advanced love, older couples in an age of instant internet gratification. Do you consider yourself a photographer — or a storyteller? Your last book is called: Advanced Style: Older and Wiser.

If your calls average six minutes or less, you only make a nickel a minute and risk being fired. If I were looking for an actual second job, I wouldn't even consider this. Once businesses other than the phone company could run paid calls, there appeared almost immediately a service known as "dial-a-porn," where customers could hear recordings of women describing graphic sex acts. I pressed one again, and hung up after hearing more nothing. Press one for 18 or 19 and hold nothing back." What happened to 27? Phone sex is like the real thing, in that no woman's good her first time and if she says she was she's lying. The handbook says phone performers do better if they get into a fantasy. A successful call from Jay's perspective but a failure from the company's viewpoint, lasting only three minutes. The first time a caller wanted to hear me being spanked, all I could think to do was draw my knee up next to the receiver and slap it. I didn't hang up now, but I couldn't say that sentence. I spent several minutes trying to bargain out with less extreme variants. And I learned another useless lesson from the night's events: a sense of ironic detachment strong enough to sustain you through spanking your knee and fellating your fingers won't do jack to prevent a sadistic murder fantasy from scaring the hell out of you. There's a lot of paperwork required to claim your first and only paycheck from a sex chat line. No, I'll buy a dollar-store frame and keep it on my desk, and then someday - if God is good to me - an unsuspecting person walking through the office will say, "Why, Jennifer, whatever is that check?

(And you're only paid for when you actually talk, not the time spent waiting for the phone to ring.) But the deck's stacked so a high average is hard to get. Naturally, dial-a-porn inspired laws to shut it down on obscenity grounds until 1983, when the Supreme Court deemed such content bans unconstitutional. I got three more silent calls, and at I hung up to log out and in again. I pressed one and said, "Hey, it's Jennifer," for the fifth time in eight minutes, doubting anyone would actually answer. Jay expected my clueless virgin self to take command of the situation and I had no idea how, so I asked "What do you want me to do for you, Jay? Okay: I'm in a diner eating lunch with Billy Crystal. The next two callers were jokers; I actually heard the third guy's friends snickering on the line. After an hour I could stretch calls out for eight to 12 minutes, though my average was still pretty low: I hung up on one kid so young his voice hadn't changed yet, and 30 seconds into "press one for a 15-minute credit card call" I heard a beep and a metallic voice: "You have one minute left." By my routine, when sanitized, boiled down to: "Let me unzip you. It worked until I started laughing and failed to disguise that as passionate gasps. I'd spent the whole day in character uttering words I'd never said before, but I did. Finally, I managed to choke out the phrase and added, "But please, don't do that! " And I'll flash a smile filled with sunshine and innocence, and say "That's the cumulative lifetime royalties from my career in phone porn." Oh God, oh please, oh yes.


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