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Kay’s not gay IRL (she’s married to a dude and has kids) so that’s kind of weird. Anyway, before Sara’s lunch with Kay, Erin mentions she’s met her once before, and Sara decides to it to get in try and get a role in her new film by inviting Kay to a party where Erin will be at.“Erin Foster is your sister? “kd lang was my inspiration,” Sara says of her look, and she immediately pushes Erin and Kay together at the bar. ” Kay tries to storm out but Sara stops her, saying she can fix it. I wonder if they didn’t take the role of lesbian director to a real lesbian director because they worried they might offend with the role of “lesbian director who would give someone a role based on their sister’s willingness to make out with them.” (Although if it was a male director looking to date Erin, Sara would have probably done the same thing. )As not to fall victim to another stereotype about lesbians, I’m not without the ability to find humor in these kinds of situations.

She is a little pissed, though, that Erin would invite Ashley Benson to the party. (Her and Mandy Moore.) Erin promises to try harder to help entertain Kay, even though she still doesn’t know it’s a set-up. ” Sara says, and Erin is gullible enough to believe her.)When Erin sits with Kay (who brightens and says her night just got better), they start talking about how labels get confusing. The show is well-written and the comedic timing is perfect; the Foster girls are likable, even in their most unlikable moments.

Even dad David, who dropped by the set to show support for his daughters’ latest endeavor (and made a brief cameo on Facebook live interview, below), has a snarky, humorous side.

When asked why he didn’t push for his girls to follow in his musical footsteps, he bluntly explained, “Because you have no talent.” Like all great reality shows, there are plenty of to-die-for fashion moments on .

One episode sees Sara quarreling with a Beverly Hills boutique salesman over a Birkin bag, which is then gifted to Kate Hudson instead.

The sisters also get dressed to the nines for the “confessionals,” sporting full hair and makeup and plenty of bodycon numbers in order to look their best in the Kardashian-esque bright light.

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On Wednesday, the siblings were each spotted in two separate ensembles as they carried out interviews on Mc Carthy's radio show and at AOL Build Presents and changed again for an appearance on Amazon's Style Code Live.'Once I started to uncover the mystery of chronic Lyme disease and the stigma around it, I felt a strong sense of obligation towards the millions of people suffering from this debilitating disease to share my journey and to be a voice for those who can't be heard,' Yolanda said on her Bravo blog.Sara and Erin Foster, the daughters of music producer David Foster and stars of VH1’s Barely Famous, can always make Us laugh.Recently, the two sisters paired up with Retail Me Not to create a video series for the company called “WTF Did I Just Spend My Money On? She has a really good selection of Stella Mc Cartney, Manolo and Gianvito Rossi shoes.24.Kay’s talking about being a lesbian and Erin is talking about Jensen.“I’m not confused about my sexuality at all. It’s just that Erin never once refers to her time dating women as anything positive and attributes it to as a fluke; a flurry of confusion that has since rectified itself and now she’s back to being man-hungry like she seems to think she should be.I’m not gay, I mean I had a blip a couple of years ago,” Erin said. ”Sara comes over and gets confronted.“I loved when you were a lesbian,” Ashley Benson says. Bisexual isn’t brought up because Erin likely doesn’t see herself as bisexual, and why this matters a little more on a show like is because, despite being scripted, it’s based in reality.We recently caught up with the Foster sisters to chat about the show's origins, and all the ways their charmed, but real, lives have influenced the show.


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