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Her drama about Adam and I was completely made up to be relevant.

You can see during the show that we are very friendly. My bad.” Although De Lesseps claimed Radziwill was friends with Kenworthy and their niece while they were dating, Radziwill denied being a close friend of the woman’s, alleging she had simply met her a handful of times.

I think it was true and authentic and I think producers are respectful…and I appreciated that.

‘s seventh season, mainly because of Lu Ann De Lesseps’ “girl code” claims regarding the relationship.

I wasn't sure who would be there and frankly I had only spoken to Luann once in the past eight months (at Bethenny's BBQ), and it didn’t go very well. That explains a little why I’d rather not bump into her.

She even lied about saying she never implied she had a hand in Skinnygirl brand even though she had implied that just an hour earlier. When she says many times over the course of several episodes, “I apologized to Carole many times,” that too is a lie. It has been now nearly 10 months since Luann called me a bunch of sh--ty names, leaked fake stories to the press about my family, tried to trash my business, age-shamed, and made up lies about Adam and I.

When confronted about her own aggressive behavior with men she instead talks about Ramona’s behavior in Turks without mentioning her own -– she did bring home a married man. Or whether or not she knew Ramona (and Sonja) had dated her new boyfriend (she did).

I’m no shrink, but she appears to be suffering from severe cognitive dissonance disorder. When confronted with her own hypocrisy, she calls others hypocrites. Which is why when you see Luann’s lips moving, more often than not, she is not telling the truth. Most recently her dating history with that crazy drunk Reeeeyyyyy.

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Both men were taken to a hospital, and Kenworthy was released hours after the crash, suffering a few minor injuries.

There are things the ladies say they said that they never said. But my feelings about Luann, once hard-boiled are now soft-boiled.

I was hoping to get another cartoon but my attempt to guilt my niece and nephew into drawing something this time failed. Never mind any sort of apology, she didn’t even appear sorry for anything she’d said and even repeated the same BS about Adam and I. In retrospect, I should have stayed in NY and gotten my vagina zapped with Sonja.

According to De Lesseps, Carole Radziwill was breaking “girl code” by dating Kenworthy because of his former relationship with De Lesseps’ niece.

Carole Radziwill, however, felt otherwise, and her and Kenworthy’s relationship continues to thrive. It was only after Turks when she got angry that I dared question her about her nighttime activities that she decided to target me.


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