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In Qatar, it can be 40 degrees outside but shopping malls will be 17 degrees," explained Hughes."Three quarters of all energy consumption in those hot countries can be air conditioning."You can't keep everybody happy but we started by doing mathematical models to work out acceptable temperature ranges for players and fans and we worked backwards from there."We did the computer modelling and wind-tunnel work in Sheffield, Qatar University did the live tests.

It took three years and now the first of the stadiums has been rolled out, plus the concourse and transfer zones."We're aiming for a range of 24-26 degrees but could get it down to 21 degrees.

If he can come in for the last weeks it will be a big bonus.” There will be no pressure for Garmston to return before the end of the season and it’s still doubtful that he will play again until pre-season.

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His injury problems have limited him to just seven appearances for the Gills this season, completing just one full 90-minute match.

Fears about the effectiveness of that technology, its environmental impact and the fact nothing could be done to reduce outside temperatures led FIFA in 2015 to move the tournament to November and December.

This is where Dr Ben Hughes' team at Sheffield University and their research partners at Qatar University come in.

Speaking to Press Association Sport, "It will be on full blast trying to get there.

That's what a football stadium without a roof is like."Normal air conditioning wouldn't work.


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