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AU_Game Net access points are located in residential halls and restricted to registered devices.AU_Open AU_Open is a wireless network strictly for visitors to campus that need temporary Wi Fi access (30 days or less).If you have previously configured "PAWS-Secure" on your Mac running OS X and are having issues, you may find our Troubleshooting Guide for OSX helpful.NOTE: Performing additional configuration for your device (Steps 2,3,7, and 8A-8I) on the Troubleshooting Guide will improve your device's ability to connect to PAWS-Secure efficiently.WPA2-Enterprise has been around since 2004 and is still considered the gold standard for wireless network security, delivering over-the-air encryption and a high level of security.

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Wireless was the most prevalent use-case of 802.1X authentication, and in the vast majority of wireless environments, a user was given full network access as long as her username and password were correct (meaning that authentication was successful).

You will build policies in ISE that employ those authorization results, such as Downloadable Access Lists and Authorization Profiles to accommodate the enforcement of that “paper policy.” These authorization results are the end result; the final decision of a login session or a particular stage of a login session.

This chapter examines how to build the Authentication and Authorization Policies that will eventually assign those results that were created in Chapter 12.

Configuring PAWS-Secure on Windows 7This will explain how to configure PAWS-Secure on a Windows 7 device.

If you have difficulties with your connectivity after configuring your device, a Windows 7 PAWS-Secure Troubleshooting Guide is available.


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