Social information processing theory online dating

Naturally, in online interactions, these particular nonverbal cues are not present, so other strategies are developed.

Joseph Walther, a communication and media theorist, understood that to describe the new nature of online communication required a new theory.Is it possible for online interactions to develop into relationships that have the same level of bondage like face-to-face communication?That is what the Social Information Processing (SIP) theory speaks about.While the term has traditionally referred to those communications that occur via computer-mediated formats (e.g., instant messages, e-mails, chat rooms), it has also been applied to other forms of text-based interaction such as text messaging.Social information processing theory argues that online interpersonal relationships may demonstrate the same relational dimensions and qualities as Ft F relationships.According to this theory, people are motivated to develop interpersonal relationships regardless of the medium and will develop strategies for overcoming the apparent lack of nonverbal cues typically found in Internet-based communication.


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