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Generally, a suspect would be in a smoke-filled room with two officers, the questions and answers would all be recorded in longhand and afterwards each answer initialled and each page signed by the suspect.

Have you ever been invited along to the police station for a chat? This weeks’ blog is about the police interview, and how calling an interview a ‘chat’ may be completely, and utterly, disingenuous.” and so I wanted to share my response here: Thank you for asking this question.It really annoys me when people talk about the “clobber passages” about LGBT people and then only talk about the ones that deal with being LGB. First, I want to recommend the book This passage is found in the purity codes.“It’s so very simple to be anyone you please, on any given morning you awake.” —James Rinaldo Jackson As the CEO of a Hollywood studio, Terry Semel certainly didn’t want to be bothered at home by budding writers peddling twobit scripts. Film producers are used to seeing all manner of desperate attempts to get their attention, but this pitch was very different.As Semel shuffled through the papers, perhaps he realized that he was staring at a shocking mirror of himself, or rather, of his financial self.If you think I’m referring to simple matters of low level crime like theft, or criminal damage, think again.


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