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There’s also something fresh about dating someone who’s not in the business ‘cause then you’re not constantly talking about comedy. CL: Not necessarily the specific topic, but in general that they’re at a comedy show and they’re offended by comedy. We should be allowed to say anything we want.” CP: Have you been able to support yourself financially doing comedy or have you done odd jobs along the way? Then I worked at an insurance company for a long time. There were a lot of jobs that I did not get, which, looking back, I’m pretty grateful, because I would not be a comic today.

I assume people come to comedy to laugh at anything, but suddenly they’re like, “Whoa, what did you say? CP: Definitely not industries that you associate with humor. CP: You have several videos in Spanish on You Tube. CL: Yeah, my mom is from Spain and I grew up in Spain until I was about eight, so I grew up speaking Spanish.

Most relationships don’t last long enough to warrant saving a full name, but it’d be weird to find yourself in a serious relationship with someone whose last name is still a mystery.

It’s entirely possible that you might never know someone’s full name, unless you’ve mastered internet sleuthing — or at least reverse image searching.

She was a "Carmen." After that, Carmen had a short-lived singing career before moving on to modeling and acting ... Today was a sad day as the world lost a true icon with the passing of a true legend.

In response to his death, Carmen posted a photo of Prince with this message on her social media: to contact loved ones who had passed away.

Jokes like “If you’re my friend, I’ve probably pictured you dead” and “I love men in their 40s -- they’ve lost hope” have defined her 14-year career in comedy.

You get each other a lot and you can really support each other because you understand and empathize with the other person. CP: You were on recently and told a joke about hating cats— which you took some hate for. CL: In the big picture, I only got four emails or posts on that, so that’s not bad. I do love dogs more than cats, but I think some people take jokes too seriously. CP: Does it surprise you what people get offended by? I was at Goldman Sachs for a while; I wasn’t a banker, I did a lot of presentations on computers for bankers.

So with all this in my mind during a lonely subway commute, I decided to poll my friends and colleagues on how they save numbers.

There are five main methods: This was by far the most common solution to number saving.

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