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There they thrill from the nostalgia of their earlier years as they watch the colorful marching bands, the majorettes, and the cheerleaders urging on their teams.

There the bonds are renewed with their colleges, and there we have an inspiring demonstration of a vibrant free society at play.

“College football fans have developed a truly special collection of traditions stretching back to the first game in 1869,” said NFF President & CEO Steve Hatchell.

“These traditions matter because they highlight that college football provides a powerful platform for creating a sense of community on college campuses nationwide.

Often we feel as if all we ever do is sin, and so many times, we fall to the same temptations over and over.

It’s a frustrating cycle – sin, repent, sin, repent, repeat…and over and over. We really can be more and more conformed to the image of Christ.

IRVING, Texas (April 11, 2016) – Arguably boasting some of the nation’s most unique traditions, college football has continuously inspired the creativity of its fans to develop a never-ending stream of amazing customs that capture their intense passion for the sport.

In an effort to fulfill its mission of dramatizing the history of the game, the National Football Foundation (NFF) & College Hall of Fame has compiled a list (see below) of many of the sport’s notable Football Bowl Subdivision traditions, which will be highlighted during the offseason in a social media campaign and on Football Matters.org, the NFF’s digital platform for storytelling and promoting the good in the game.

They were both flying to the ball, covering receivers and shutting down the run game. Agreed that Big XII is better offensively than the SEC, but those two defenses on the field in Baton Rouge would have shut down any Big XII offense. All I'm saying is the sec as a whole and several individual teams are praised for being unbalanced(LSU and Alabama both have terrible QBs and offenses) yet teams from the big 12 are openly crucified by media and CFP committee for being unbalanced.

Brent learned his craft as part of The Red House Blues Band, Double Cream, Planet Graffiti, and The Offenders.

Brent recorded two albums with his band Planet Graffiti between 20, enjoying two UK tours with award winning American tourists The Billy Walton Band, and he has shared the stage other top talents including Hamilton Loomis, Danny Bryant, Ryan Mc Garvey, Rob Tognoni, and Rebecca Downes.

I just thought this was pretty interesting to compare when you really look past the media spin and see that the big 12 doesn't really get any respect at all.

The big 12 in comparison has MAYBE 2 teams that could be considered bad offensively.


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