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Take, for instance, this early GIF of player-character Sara Ryder grabbing a gun. How on earth did a major AAA release get this messed up? Sure, I can´t speak for everyone else now, but I find that most of the females to look either really ugly or masculine to the max (like in the picture above).

How, in a sprawling space epic — in whose narrative players can get lost for hundreds of hours — are there some less-than-convincing animations? So I take it that Bioware has gone full SJW mode with “Mass Effect: Andromeda”.

Despite this shocking lack of information and spectacularly bad marketing, I went ahead and attempted to sign in using the Facebook button. Annoyed, I just went ahead anyway and typed one of my passwords that I reserve for sites I absolutely don’t care about one bit. Don’t force me to make choices like that right away.

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Gary Cohn, a prominent Jewish member of Trump’s administration, drafted a letter of resignation after Trump defended the white nationalist protesters in Charlottesville.

The most healthy behavior is to stay in the clear It's all for you, it's really all for you (Now what? Flavors in your ass crease ha Busta Rhymes about to bring the noise don't cease ha Let me loose from the belly of the beast ha Everybody, hey hey hey You better believe it's Busta Rhymes the great We 'bout to rip the Tri-State Yo yo, hey hey hey I'll split your face and give you stitches Throw niggas in ditches, slap the ass of fat bitches Wait one sec, as I get down I'm rolling with the heavyweight connect to the stomping ground Now, don't you get suspicious I grant your wishes every time Bring it vicious when I bust a rhyme I know one thing the whole world least expected is how we all connected To break food on the same record Five new flavors on a beat, feel the fucking heat I really think you should retreat while we blow up the street Instead of copping pleas just freeze Maintain the focus while we smoke these marijuana trees When I get down I disappear, reappear and blow up Everywhere, fucking with these flavas in ya ear [Hook:] Here comes the brand new flava in ya ear Time for new flava in ya ear I'm kicking new flava in ya ear Mack's a brand new flava in ya ear A star-studded remix of Craig Mack’s debut single featuring Biggie, LL Cool J, Busta Rhymes and Rampage.

) Hunchback, close your eyes try to munch that Coil up your ankles let your Timbs tap Bite the flavor it reacts to your gold caps Word to Mama, I tongue kiss a piranha Electrocute a barracuda, I'm here to bring the drama [Verse 5: Busta Rhymes] Yo! Also briefly features Puff Daddy as a promoter, Keisha Epps and Mary J. The video has guest appearances by Das EFX, Mic Geronimo, and Irv Gotti though none perform on the song.

There are few universal truths in this crazy mixed-up world, but none more important than this: hard-core gamers care about their hobby more than anyone has cared about anything ever. (Also, I’m now realizing I called gaming a “hobby” in the first sentence, when really it’s a “lifestyle.” I would like to apologize, with utmost sincerity, to the gamers.) With Breath of the Wild, the new game in the storied Legend of Zelda franchise, firmly in the rearview mirror (smh if you didn’t beat the game by playing it nonstop for 48 hours), the year’s next hugely anticipated video-game release is , itself the latest entry in popular space-opera role-playing-game franchise. Fans felt so strongly about the original Mass Effect trilogy — the story of which changes substantially based on the choices that the player makes — that when Bio Ware put out an insufficient conclusion to the series, the developer was forced to patch in a more comprehensive wrap-up later.

In experience have dipped into the uncanny valley, with characters looking and moving in ways just off the mark of realistic. LFbnb Z6— Luzarius (@luzariuslive) February 10, 2017I mean, have you seen what the MEA females look like?


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