Funny dating acronyms

This is really just to help you understand that this kind of language exists in the first place.

And yes, there will be completely new ones by the time you have these memorized. 143 I love you 1432 I love you too ATM At The moment gerd Abbreviation for ermagerd (Oh my God) GR8 Great CMB Call Me Back CUNS See You In School F2F Face to Face FOAF Friend Of A Friend FML F*** My Life FTW For The Win GTG Got to Go GTFO Get the F* Out HAK Hugs and Kisses HMU Hit Me Up IKR I Know, Right? (Also ASL) CU46 See You For Sex DYHAB/G Do You Have A Boyfriend/Girlfriend?

P&C Private and Confidential PITA Pain in the A** REHI Hi, again RUOK Are You OK?

QQ Crying (often humorously) SFSG So Far So Good SLT Something Like That SOL Sh** Out of Luck SUP What’s up? 4Q F*** You VCDA Vaya Con Dios, Amigo VSF Very Sad Face WDYM What Do You Mean?

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Yet YOLO’s poor performance in 2012’s Word of the Year competitions signals that its time as an “It word” has come and gone.Don’t worry, this page will only talk about using some of the best pua openers I’ve come across over the years.First, I’m going to give you a brief background about what openers are, and why they work so well.As Ben Zimmer, a word scholar who served on the American Dialect Society’s Word of the Year panel, puts it: “Even among the folks who were sort of language scholars and language observers, they had already gotten sick of YOLO too.” Within the span of a year, it has gone from catchy new slang to a “dangerous” youth motto, to a sarcastic Twitter hashtag, to the name of a new African cell phone.The world’s lexicographers have spoken: it is time we put the poor old colloquialism to rest, once and for all. Dictionaries at Oxford University Press__:__ The phrase “you only live once” goes back to the 19th century, and maybe it’s just so irresistible that it forms a pronounceable acronym.MTV2's Guy Code is the ultimate guy's guide to the laws of manhood. Some say guys are born with it, but not everyone follows the same set of guidelines. Guy Code has been discussed on screen in "Old School", "Jersey Shore" and inadvertently analyzed on "Animal Planet" when discussing the customs of male species.


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