Updating idrive

The company is also introducing the new BMW LTE Car Hotspot, which lets you bring high-speed internet to your car simply by plugging in an LTE-capable SIM card.

It will be available starting in November and comes equipped with a battery and antennae so you can use it outside of the vehicle as well.

Before trying to update your car to fix a problem you believe exists it is a good idea to confirm if the fault actually exists at all. I certainly know BMW charges $$$ to allow you to use Carplay.

Was working fine the other day but today needed to update my so my android phone works with the USB cable because sound doesnt come out just charges and it redirects me to the connected drive page? The issue is I am trying to play music through my phone and there's no sound coming through it recognises the phone and charges but no sound the sound goes to the phone I am trying to up date the idrive but the website I posted just re directs me to the connected drive page so it looks like BMW has decided to not let people update their own cars and make you pay for it at the dealer when it was free on their website Unbelievable Why charge people over 100k to buy your cars yet 1c per mb on your server is an issue...

Installed prices are based on an estimated installation time and the center’s labor rate, and are subject to change.

BMW has unveiled the next iteration of its Connected Drive in-car navigation system, and it introduces a number of new features to the platform.

The vehicle supports various external devices depending on the current software version. "Show current version" Select Desired version to display Additional information.

With a software update, the vehicle can support new cell phones or new external device, for example. Updates and related current information is available at com/update. Updating software via USB The software may only be updated when the vehicle is stationary. Store the file for the software-update in the main director of a USB flash drive. Insert the USB flash drive into the USB interface of the USB audio interface in the center armrest.


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