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" questioned Frasier Howie, an independent market analyst. Pakistan was actually part of the EM Index from 1994 but the Karachi Stock Exchange's temporary closure in 2008 due to a liquidity crunch amid the global financial crisis forced MSCI to drop the country at the end of that year. In the same vein, many critics believe the volatility now synonymous with Chinese markets must cool before the MSCI acceptance can happen.

In 2009, Pakistan was included in MSCI's Frontier Markets Index and the firm warned that the market needed to function without any trading disruptions for some time before being considered for reclassification in its EM Index. You had to have a period of time where investors got comfortable with the idea that they wouldn't close the market again," noted Adrian Mowat, managing director and chief Asian and emerging market equity strategist at J. Shanghai and Shenzhen stocks had a turbulent 2015, characterized by panic selling, voluntary trading halts and aggressive buying by state-backed funds.

The instability persisted into early 2016 with the introduction of circuit breakers that triggered early market closures.

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