Percy and annabeth dating fanfic

Would you be so Kind by @percyyoulittleshit​I had the honor to do the art for Mari’s beautiful Big Bang project!

My collaboration was somewhat improvised so this isn’t as perfect as I’d like it to be but please go ahead and read this wonderful piece!

With one last smirk he opened the door and walked back out into the night once again.

It was a Friday night which meant that the Athena cabin was usually out at the beach with the Aries cabin planning out war strategy.

AUAnnabeth is a girl with a dark past and a torturous life. Well Annabeth has a list of things she wants to do before returning. Slight OCSequel to Percabeth and the Olympians: the Timely War.

Percy is a cheerful boy who seems to have no troubles at all. Annabeth is the new girl at school who quickly catches Percy's eye. Is she hiding something dark underneath her pretty face. Now that Kronos has been defeated, Percy and Annabeth tackle the next aspect of their lives: Highschool.

Only Percy's cousins, Thalia Grace and Nico Di Angelo knows, what will happen when Cassandra finds out?

She dreams of exploring the world outside the city walls. ""I'm a pregnant twenty-nine year old woman who is about to give birth at any moment, I'm allowed to talk however I want.""Your doctor says you have a few weeks.""I'm still growing, too.Breaking into the Government with an IP address that she'll have to broadcast to everyone but still disguise so if the hacker does bump into her he won't know she's working to expose him is the last thing she wants to do, because the baby inside of her stomach is really making even breathing a lot more difficult than it should be, but she knows that she has to. It was different than before, because the accident had aged them in ways teenagehood really can't, and they were a lot more careful and sensible this time around.Better than it sounds, please give it a chance it is my first fanfiction.the first chapter sucks a bit but it picks up in the second, Please read! The zombie apocalypse has struck, leaving Annabeth alone in New York City until she stumbles upon a secure base led by a mysterious, green-eyed boy.Thalia looks up from the TV screen, mildly interested. Just let me sleep.""No can do, Miss Chase."Five years married and he still calls her that.


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