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The five houses are, together with a shed for strollers, arranged around a small square.

The subdivision of the outdoor play areas create calm play areas for the smaller children.

All the houses are one story high, with spacious baserooms where the children spend most of their days.

These rooms are facing towards the small square, which makes it easier for the three units to stay in touch, as they can see each other across the square.

Fromthe moment we arrived, we felt nurtured and pampered. It was a perfect place for our family to come together for a while…The beds were very comfortable and the food was delicious!

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The Pune Biennale is a joint venture between Pune Municipal Corporation and Bharati Vidyapeeth and in structure is a grass-roots movement that aims at promoting and showcasing creative talent from various visual media of expression including visual arts, architecture, and photography.

* Allow your students to work at a pace that is not stressful.

Permit them to do fewer assignments or allow more time to complete them all.

* Contrary to the opinion that children should do their homework in a quiet environment, some Dyslexic students find music or TV as background noise helps them concentrate.

Also some of the students we assess find concentration in the classroom difficult when they are working independently on their school work.


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