Updating database using datagridview in vb net thin dating site

Data Source = table Dim data As New Data Set() data. All Cells) End Sub Private Sub Button1_Click(By Val sender As System. Load 'Query the database and populate the Data Table. Introduction In this article, I am showing selected values of a Data Grid View into Text Box and saving changes into Database. Message) End Try End Sub End Class Hello, thanks for the code. im am using same code, but only connection string is changed, Dim cn As New Odbc. Update(ds, "trial1") Msg Box("Records Updated= " & i) Catch ex As Exception Msg Box(ex. "Dynamic SQL generation for the Update Command is not supported against a Selec Command that does not return any key column information" thanks for your efficient, straightforward solution to updating user input to a datagridview in VB. NET and had spent several hours trying to find code for what I had thought should be a simple procedure - I was ready to give up; thanks again - Hi, im new for OLEDB.4.0; Data Source=D:\OFC\aadata\wms1.mdb") it showing error, A first chance exception of type 'System.

updating database using datagridview in vb net-76

but what i want is when i change the data in the datagridview and click onto update button,changes i made should be saved in database so when i execute the application again i should be able to see the updated database in the datagridview.

Data Grid View Public Class Form1 Dim row As Integer Dim col As Integer Dim current Time As System. Ole Db Command Builder(Ole Db Data Adapter1) Dim SQLString As String = "SELECT * FROM Table1" Dim Conn String As String = "Provider=Microsoft. OLEDB.12.0; Data Source=|Data Directory|\members.accdb; User ID=admin" Dim Ole DBConn1 As System.

Now Dim Data Set1 As New Data Set() ' Dim com As New Ole Db.

Close() End Sub End Class updates your table with recent data from your database using your data Adapter.

NET to write you the code to update your database with your new data from gridview.


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