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She’s a lawyer and this was my first experience of seeing her in her professional role, rather than wrangling her 3 small children.

She was very impressive and clearly passionate about the topic, which was women’s rights in relation to marriage, particularly to do with wealth. There are several types of marriage in Tanzania: monogamous, polygamous, and ‘potentially polygamous’. You can be married in a Christian, Muslim, traditional or government (secular) ceremony.

I have learned to bite my tongue, to accept when my opinion is ignored, and to date in a completely different way.

I am a feminist—I believe in the equality of men and women, and in equality for every person.

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Ms Juma told the magazine her previous husband treated her “like a slave” when she was married at the age of 13. If any men tried to take our property or hurt us, they would be punished by tribal elders because they have no rights over our household.All the power belongs to us.” Human rights campaigners remain concerned about Tanzania’s attitudes to women, and it is estimated as many as 1,000 older women in the country are accused of witchcraft and killed every year in accordance with tradition.Meeting singles from Tanzania has never been easier.One of the biggest struggles a woman in Tanzania faces is living with the cultural attitudes towards women.As a strong, independent, educated young woman who is known for being blunt and for always speaking her mind, dealing with the attitude towards women here has been difficult.Under the tradition, a woman is permitted to marry a younger woman if she is widowed or her husband chooses to leave her.


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