Scared dating

What attracted me at first weren’t the brains on her head though.I got to understand from Kay that men tend to run away from her after a couple of dates. I knew it was because these men were scared of smart women like her. I mean, how can I not fall in love with someone whose idea of winding down is to dim the lights and listen to jazz music?

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The former law student said she had been too young for such a high-profile romance, adding: "Some people are definitely better at it than others." Miss Davy, 30, and Harry, 31, had an on-off relationship for seven years, ending in 2011.Being the target of emotional, psychological or physical abuse is traumatizing. According to the National Coalition Against Domestic Violence (NCADV), 48 percent of women have experienced psychological abuse; 40 percent have experienced emotional manipulation and control, and 19 percent have been physically threatened or harmed.There’s a minority out there that loves being single, and the reason is quite simple: they can do whatever, whenever. While these women may occasionally “hear it” from their family and friends, it isn’t enough to abdicate the awesomeness of “me.” While this perspective is more common in younger women, plenty of happy and successful people have the desire to “get out there.”For most women who value their singlehood, a time comes when they long for a person to share their life with.One thing I know about myself, that is if I don’t know anything else, is that I am not scared of smart women. Once upon a time, I had already resigned myself to the idea I would never meet a smart intelligent woman. I guess because I had the mindset that smart, beautiful intelligent girls are a myth, I fell head over heels in love with Kay the first day I met her. The sort of beauty only men with discerning eyes can see. But how can I resist a girl who loved Arsenal, loved reading Russian Classics and was as funny as anything? Something everybody knows it’s beautiful but can’t say for sure how they know that for a fact since they never met one. She had that understated beauty that tends to grow on you the more you look.People think dating is difficult, but the truth is that before you even reach the stage of dating there are so many hurdles you come across that makes the idea of ‘being single’ more comfortable for you.


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