Cm punk and maria dating is megan nicole dating anyone

In an interview, CM Punk said he tells people that CM stands for However, this name perfectly fits his charismatic persona given that he has always had a way with the ladies.

He has hooked up with about a dozen fellow wrestlers.

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Back in July, a photo purportedly of the hot WWE Superstar taking a nude selfie surfaced online. The twin duo then stormed out of the locker room with her wardrobe in tow as Paige chased them in nothing but a towel. Paige Loves Making Out With Girls → These days, girl-on-girl make-out sessions hardly seem scandalous, but when it’s a WWE female star on the other side of those lips, well, that’s a different story.

Their relationship lasted for a couple of years, finally splitting a few months before CM Punk’s debut on the main roster.

Even after the breakup, it seems she is not over him.

In a recent interview (h/t Wrestle Zone) with Arizona radio station 98-KUPD, CM Punk candidly opened up about a relationship of his that came to a sour end.

Although he didn't name anyone specifically, Punk had been reportedly dating WWE diva Beth Phoenix until as late as fall 2011.

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One video shows Paige, nude, talking in front of a camera saying she’s “practicing again” before…

Fans have speculated for so many years what CM really stands for in CM Punk’s name.

Some wonder if it stands for “Chicago Made” as he hails from Chicago, Illinois.

Maria appeared on the to discuss Punk, as well as issues in WWE. "Some people's voices get heard more than others, just like any business.

Maria said she never expected Punk to join the UFC, but when she heard the news of Punk leaving the WWE in the manner in which he did, she wasn't shocked.


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