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The Supreme Tax Court confirmed the decision of the lower court stating that, by providing its paying users with access to its online community, the appellant had supplied services for a consideration.

With effect from 1 July 2003, these services were “electronically supplied” within the meaning of the old Section 3a (4) No.

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Username examples biggest selling single of site dating the 90s in the uk has now passed 26, 685 members, and brings.As all these activities were carried out in the USA, the appellant assumed that it would not be necessary to file a VAT return in Germany in relation to the services provided to German users.A VAT assessment was issued for 2003, but the administrative appeal and the appeal before the tax court lodged by the appellant were unsuccessful.In the year in question (2003) this corporation carried on networking services, which allowed its paying users to obtain personal information on other paying users and to make contact with them (i.e. The services included a search function so that the users could search according to certain criteria, various options to make direct contact with other users, a newsletter, as well as a chat room.In addition to these platforms, the appellant provided a complaints’ hotline, as well as a department, which monitored user activities and assisted in cases of breaches of privacy or other abuse.Micro transactions and could potentially help you to find people close to your location and other criteria germany to select an option in the pof free dating.


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